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Closing cmd window after opening it with shellexecute()

Good Day.

I have an Powerbuilder application that triggers a batch file to start up a database server.
Below the contents of the batch file:

"C:Program FilesSybaseSQL Anywhere 8win32dbsrv8.exe" -c 8m -n DEMO "C:loadcondb_demodemo.db"

This all works fine.
However I would like the command window to close automatically after the execution of the batch script. I have spend most of today reading this website and trying options that might work, like adding start, exit, /exit, /c but none work correct. With the start option in front it has a problem with the database switch -c. Repositioning the string quotation marks withing the batch file has undesirable effect on the database startup. However adding /exit at the end – first the the database promts a mssg ‘Cant read file /exit’ and then the cmd prompt closes – so, something is working but not 100%.

Anybody can enlighten me?


Shellexecute a cmd prompt with a specific working directory

Microsoft added this as a security feature starting in Windows 8. Whenever cmd.exe detects it’s running elevated, it ignores its launch parameters and always starts in %SystemRoot%System32. You cannot override this behavior.

You can, however, change directory as the first command in the prompt. To do this, set lpFile to "cmd.exe" as normal. Then set lpParameters to "/k cd /d d:yourpath". CMD will change directories immediately on launch, and then stay open for further commands.

Как вывести сообщение после выполнения shellexecute?

Ответ – никак.

Функция ShellExecute не позволяет получить информацию о времени жизни программы. Данная функция является устаревшей и не рекомендуется к использованию.

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Вам нужно вызвать функцию ShelExecuteEx или CreateProcess (в данном конкретном случае лучше последнюю), получить хендл запущенного процесса и дождаться завершения этого процесса при помощи функции WaitForSingleObject

  LCmd: string;
  LInfo: TStartupInfo;
  LPI: TProcessInformation;
  // Заполняем структуры
  LCmd := 'cmd.exe '   SPar;
  FillChar(LInfo, SizeOf(LInfo), 0);
  LInfo.cb := SizeOf(LInfo);
  LInfo.wShowWindow := SW_HIDE;
  // Запускаем программу
    'cmd.exe',        // lpApplicationName,
    PChar(LCmd),      // lpCommandLine,
    nil,              // lpProcessAttributes,
    nil,              // lpThreadAttributes,
    False,            // bInheritHandles,
    CREATE_NO_WINDOW, // dwCreationFlags,
    nil,              // lpEnvironment,
    nil,              // lpCurrentDirectory,
    LInfo,            // lpStartupInfo,
    LPI               // lpProcessInformation
    // Закрываем хендл главного потока (он нам не нужен)
    // Ждем завершения процесса
    Win32Check(WaitForSingleObject(LPI.hProcess, INFINITE) <> WAIT_FAILED);
    // Закрываем хендл процесса
  ShowMessage('Программа завершена');

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