Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Many Windows users experience blue screens of death (BSOD) that occur due to critical system failures. This material will be devoted to the analysis and elimination of the causes of error 0x00000050.

The blue screen is a type of error that sometimes takes a huge amount of time to fix without reinstalling the system. In addition, there are a lot of similar errors on a blue background and, accordingly, the reasons for their appearance can also be completely different and even in some cases simply unexpected.

As a rule, unfortunately, there is no universal way to eliminate them. And usually in practice, the user has to go through many causes of the blue screen until he finds the very root of evil.

This error also includes a blue screen with the code 0×00000050, which will be discussed in this article. As I said earlier, unfortunately, when this particular error appears, you will have to try more than one option until you find something that will help you fix it.

Therefore, I recommend that you be patient and try all the recommendations described below until you finally manage to fix the blue screen with the STOP 0x00000050 error.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Today I encountered another problem with the operation of a Windows 7 laptop – the collapse of the memory dump error 0x00000050. What are the prerequisites and why does the blue screen 0x00000050 crash? The reasons may be different. But in this article I will tell you how to fix this trouble that crashes when you start (turn on) the Internet Explorer browser.

To begin with, I’ll show you what blue screen of death Windows 7 gives out:

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

What to do and how to fix this situation? I can immediately say that bsod 0x00000050 issues after installing the update on laptops of Windows 7 platforms. But you might not notice this for a long time until one day you launched Internet Explorer. Then you could see the inscription at the top of the blue screen window, and at the bottom exactly igdpmd64.sys or igdpmd32.sys. If any other file is described, but not one of these two, then further recommendations will not help. To solve the problem, I recommend using the BlueScreenView utility. Our problem with Internet Explorer is due to installed Windows 7 updates. Sometimes you don’t immediately notice or stumble upon a problem and it’s possible that a lot of different updates have been installed since then. How to find exactly that installation component?

Let’s move on to the main thing, open – Control Panel – Programs and Features – View installed updates, find the update KB 2670838 there (this component was released on 02/26/2013, so look for this number and above) and press the button. After that, the computer will ask for a reboot, reboot and rejoice.

The page fault in nonpaged area error usually appears on Windows 10, 8 and 7. On Windows XP, it may be accompanied by a special stop code 0x00000050. It indicates the presence of a malfunction located on the side of the software or hardware of the computer, which can be fixed in most cases on your own.

As usual, to begin with, I propose to consider the main reasons that contribute to the appearance of BSOD.

A blue screen can occur for a variety of reasons, which include:

In addition to the code, there may be an indication of a specific faulty file, which greatly facilitates troubleshooting. Typically, this file is a Windows driver or kernel. Most often it is: ntfs.sys, win32kbase.sys, ntoskrnl.exe, srv.sys, win32k.sys or nvlddmkm.sys.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Let’s go through each file and figure out what to do in certain cases:

I am attaching a list with links to official updates, by installing which you can get rid of the blue screen:

Now let’s look at other types of problems and how to fix them.

Attention! In the event that the system does not boot in normal mode, to perform the actions discussed in this manual, you must go through safe mode or from a LiveCD.

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Usually the source of the BSOD STOP (0x00000050) error is driver crooked or incorrect installation, there is still a possibility that this is a hardware malfunction, for example, damaged RAM – memory or video card.

In addition, this BSOD appears when a program does not work correctly (for example, an antivirus or system files are damaged, and much more.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Maybe I won’t say anything new, but the first thing to do is to remember, after which an error appeared, for example, it could be:

Incompatible connected devices

A fairly common problem when the page fault in nonpaged area message appears after connecting third-party peripherals. These include: flash drives, phones, USB adapters, WI-FI adapters and others.

Checking this is quite simple, you just need to turn off all unnecessary devices (except for the mouse and keyboard) and check for an error.

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Also, a blue screen with a page fault in nonpaged area message may appear due to the motherboard. From its side, the slots of RAM, PCI Express, PCI, SATA, other chips, the presence of physical damage, microcracks may be faulty. Diagnosing it yourself becomes almost impossible.

All that is possible is to carefully examine it, including the capacitors. They should be of normal shape, intact and not swollen.

For more complex diagnostics, it is better to take the motherboard for repair.

RAM failure

The most common cause of a page fault in nonpaged area error is a malfunction of one of the RAM sticks, their incompatibility with each other or the motherboard.

If you have two sticks installed, remove one and move the rest to another slot, then check for a blue screen.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Even more rarely, the cause of the malfunction lies in the incompatibility of the RAM modules. Only replacement will help here. Therefore, it is always better to buy RAM from the same manufacturer.

The problem may be on the side of the motherboard. It is possible that one of the sticks is not compatible with it (confirmation of this can be found on the official website of the manufacturer in the support section or on various forums). Because of this, the page fault in nonpaged area blue screen pops up. The solution here is replacement.

It would not hurt to check the RAM using the diagnostic tool that is present in Windows 10 and 8. It starts as follows:

There is another third-party utility for the same purpose “Memtest86”, it also detects defects.

Trying to fix BSOD 0×00000050

Of course, it will not be superfluous to try the simplest options that can really help fix this error.

The first one is to boot with the latest operating parameters of the system. Usually, when such errors appear, it is recommended to use this parameter first. The chance of correcting the error, of course, is not great, but it’s still worth a try.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Let me remind you that you can find it in the additional boot menu, which can be accessed by pressing the F8 key at the beginning of the computer startup.

Then, in the list that appears, select the “Last Known Good Configuration” item.

The second option is to check the file system.

In order to run it, you should open the command line, of course, with admin rights and enter the command chkdsk /f /r there.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

A notification will appear that the check will be performed the next time the system is rebooted. Accordingly, we put “”, confirming the execution of the command, press “” and restart the computer.

The third option is to disable the paging file. Most often helps with the appearance of an error related to files

To disable the paging file, open the properties of the computer, go to the “tab”, open the “options”, again the “tab”. Then, in the “” section, click on the “” button.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

In the window that appears, check the item “No paging file”, save the changes by clicking “” and restart the computer. Then, for some time, we check whether the blue screen pops up again or not. If everything is in order, then you can turn on the swap files back, perhaps the error will not bother you anymore.

In some cases, to fix the STOP 0x00000050 error, simply clear the TEMP folder located at the following path:

But keep in mind that this option helps in rare cases, if the problem was caused due to the incorrect operation of some program or a malicious file.

Finally, such express solutions include checking the RAM using your own Windows utility, which you will find in “Administrative Tools” and selecting the “Windows Memory Checker” item there.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Well, or alternatively, you can use some third-party application.

Checking and fixing errors

The most basic ways to eliminate various kinds of malfunctions include automatic error checking on the side of system files and the file system.

Launching the SFC utility

Corruption of system files can potentially trigger the “Page fault in nonpaged area” error. To identify the problem and fix it using the SFC utility, you will need:

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

The system scan process will start. Its duration depends on how powerful the laptop is.

Check disk “ChkDsk”

Checking the disk in this way will identify corrupted files that can trigger an error. Required:

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

If a message appears on the screen that the command cannot be executed, you need to restart the computer, and select “Yes” when restarting.

In half of the cases, this method helps to solve the problem with the appearance of the page fault in nonpaged area error.

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Malfunction of motherboard components

Motherboard components are devices connected to it. For example, a hard drive, memory modules, a video card, Wi-Fi adapters, sound cards, and others. Incorrect operation of any of them can cause a page fault in nonpaged area error.

Therefore, check the performance of each device, make sure it is compatible with your hardware and installed Windows, update the software.

What else can help

Here is a list of standard actions, one of which should help you:

If none of the suggested methods helped you fix the BSOD page fault in nonpaged area, contact the repair center for more in-depth diagnostics.

As you can see, the “Page fault in nonpaged area” error can potentially be caused both by the presence of failures within the operating system and by a malfunction of individual technical components. It is difficult to determine for what reason the error occurs. In this regard, it is recommended to solve the problem by sequentially diagnosing individual nodes and taking the measures described in the article. In this case, success will be guaranteed!

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A few more options to fix BSOD STOP 0×00000050

Next, I’ll look at a few more options for the occurrence of the STOP 0x00000050 error involving specific files.

– this error very often appears on Gigabyte motherboards if the On/Off Charge proprietary utility has been installed in the system. The reason may be the usual incompatibility of this software with your OS. To prevent the blue screen from appearing, simply uninstall this program.

– The failure is related to the ATI Radeon driver. And it happens with Radeon, very often. In this case, you need to completely remove the device driver, both through “Programs and Features” and in the Device Manager. After that, we try to install the latest driver, or, well, its earlier version, depending on the situation.

– The appearance of an error involving these files is usually associated with swap files. A little higher I already wrote about this.

Fix BSOD 0x00000050

First, let’s look at the reasons why a blue screen occurs with this code. First of all, these are problems in the PC hardware – RAM, video card and disk subsystem. Software – drivers or services – can also cause an error. Do not forget about the possible viral activity.

In one of the articles on our website, we told you how to act in case of a BSOD. Most problems can be solved, as well as minimizing the chances of their occurrence in the future, with the help of simple actions.

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Physical malfunctions

Identifying this cause is quite simple: usually an error appears immediately after connecting any equipment to the computer. The solution here lies on the surface: you should stop using the failed device. If you are sure that it is working properly, you need to think about possible problems with drivers or other software factors.


One of the main “iron” reasons is a malfunction in the RAM modules. They arise due to marriage, the development of a resource or inept overclocking. Overheating can also cause the RAM to become unstable. To fix the problem, first of all, you need to reset the BIOS settings, especially in cases where there have been overclocking manipulations with the parameters.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

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Next, check the memory for errors. You can do this using a standard tool in running Windows or use bootable media with a special program. If the scan reveals bad addresses, then the solution is to remove or replace the bad module.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

How to check RAM for performance
Installing RAM modules

The next step is to determine the possible overheating of the bars. There are a couple of ways to carry out this procedure – special devices or touch. The increased temperature is eliminated by additional blowing of the corresponding sections on the motherboard or the entire case.

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Video card

Error 0x00000050 also occurs due to a faulty graphics adapter or a glitch in the drivers that control it. The simplest method of treatment is to disconnect the card from the PC and check its operation. If the BSOD no longer appears, then the GPU is most likely time for repair or landfill, but you can try to fix the problem yourself.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Disconnecting the video card from the computer
Video Card Troubleshooting

Hard drive

Damage to the file system on a disk with Windows installed can also cause the error discussed today. If the BSOD occurred due to the fault of the HDD or SSD, then, in most cases, we can talk about the irretrievable loss of its performance. There are methods to correct the situation, but they are effective only if bad sectors appeared for programmatic reasons or their number is small.

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Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

How to check hard drive for bad sectors
Check disks for errors in Windows 7
How to restore a hard drive
Hard drive recovery with Victoria


The next automatic or manual update of Windows, device drivers, or other software may introduce fixes to the system that lead to component incompatibilities, conflicts, and other troubles. Installing new programs is also not always successful. In such situations, restoring the OS to a previous state with the subsequent elimination of the causes of the failure helps.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Windows recovery options
Solve problems installing a Windows 7 update

Viruses and antiviruses

Virus activity causes many computer problems. Some malware can change system files and even make the device unusable by corrupting the drivers. At the slightest suspicion of infection, you should scan the system with special utilities and remove uninvited guests.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

How to check your computer for viruses without antivirus
Fight against computer viruses

Anti-virus programs behave like masters in the system: they check something all the time, monitor processes, block files. If such software fails, then its actions can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of blue screens. You can diagnose the problem by disabling the antivirus, and fix it by uninstalling or reinstalling it.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

How to disable antivirus
How to remove antivirus

Eliminating error code 0x00000050 in Windows 7 is not an easy task and most often only the set of measures that we talked about above helps. You may be lucky and a system restore will solve all problems. In the most difficult cases, you will have to replace non-working hardware or reinstall Windows.

Defective or incompatible driver

Often the problem is on the side of a certain driver or the compatibility of its version with the installed Windows is lost (usually this happens after an OS update).

In the first case, you can fix a page fault in nonpaged area by checking for errors, how to do it, read above.

In the second case, you need to reinstall or update the drivers, preferably all, especially if you don’t know which one is causing the problem. Ideally, drivers need to be downloaded from the office. the website of the manufacturer of each device, which is not always convenient. Here utilities like Driver Booster, SamDrivers come to the rescue, allowing you to update in a few clicks.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

If the update caused the BSOD, then you need to roll back the driver. The rollback is done via . Usually problematic software is marked with a red or yellow sign. By clicking on it, go to “Properties”.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Move to the “Driver” section and click “Roll Back”. Then we restart the computer.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Third party programs and games

There were cases when the page fault in nonpaged area message appeared after installing or updating a certain program (most often AVAST, ESET, Kaspersky, COMODO antiviruses) or a game.

Eliminates the blue screen by disabling or uninstalling the antivirus, another application, or.

Ready solutions from Microsoft

Also, in addition to the solutions described above, on the Microsoft website you can find several ready-made solutions that can easily remove the blue screen with the STOP 0 × 00000050 error.

It should be noted that they are not universal and refer to the case when the error is caused by a particular file.

Fixing error 0x00000050 – hotfix for Windows 8 on “storport.sys” file error.


Blue Screen Recommendations – For Windows XP.

To fix it, just click on the “Correction package is available for download” button, agree with the user agreement and download the hotfix to your computer.

Bsod srv sys 0x00000050

Then we run it and check the result.

In general, if you had to deal with a blue screen and a STOP 0x00000050 error, I hope these tips will help you deal with this problem. If nothing works out, then you can describe your problem in the comments, I will try to help you with something.

Also, one should not exclude the fact that in some cases it will be easiest to simply reinstall the system or, in the end, you will have to invite a wizard to more thoroughly diagnose your computer.

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