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Batch or cmd to convert multi-line txt file to single line

So I am running a batch file that does all kinds of commands and then outputs the results into output.txt

It looks like this:





Is it possible to run a command within the same batch file to use my finished (output.txt) have it move all the lines to a single line so it looks like this:


Do batch files support multiline variables

If you wanted to build something instead, not just outputting, hope this would be useful to you too.

Firstly, you should make a file. Such as .txt. I’m going to use var.txt as an example.

Secondly, type in the multi-lines of variables.

Thirdly, here are the codes, but only works for batch:

@echo off
set num=0
set /p this%num%=<"var.txt"
goto there

set /a num=num 1
for /f "skip=%num%" %%a in (var.txt) do (set this%num% =%%a
goto there)
set num=0
goto build

rem Example of using multi-lines of variable.
call echo %%this%num% %%
set /a num=num 1
for /f "skip=%num% delims=" %%a in (var.txt) do (call echo %%this%num% %%
goto build)
rem Just replace the commands with `echo` part into something else which suits your situation.
pause >nul

I admit that strictly speaking, this is not a variable of multi-line, but in my opinion, this is better than nothing.

You may ask why not just use the setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion command. The reason is simply, that command does work for me (IDK why). Therefore, I thought and made these codes that make the same effect.

Execute multiple commands with 1 line in windows commandline?

If you want to execute multiple commands with 1 line, where you are starting the commands with start, for example, if you wanted to execute a command like this:

start "" netsh dump && pause

Then, you need to do it in 2 steps (one-line solution is at the end of this answer).

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First, write the commands to a temporary batch file (in this case, you can use & or &&):

echo netsh dump ^&^& pause ^&^& exit>foobar.cmd
echo netsh dump ^& pause ^& exit>foobar.cmd

Note that you need to “escape” each of the "&"s (ampersands) with a "^"
to allow them to be treated as ordinary characters in the echo command. 
Alternatively, you can create the temporary batch file with a text editor, such as Notepad.

Then, use start to start the batch file:

start "" foobar.cmd
start "" "temporary foobar.cmd"

Note: The empty pair of double-quote marks is for the "Title" that will be shown in the title-bar of the command window that start will open. This "Title" argument is technically an optional argument to start, but it is actually required, if the command that start will run is double-quoted. For instance, in the second example:

start "" "temporary foobar.cmd"

if you leave out the empty pair of double quote marks like this:

start "temporary foobar.cmd"

then start will open a new command window, and use "temporary foobar.cmd" as the new command window "Title", and nothing will be executed in the new command window.)

If you want start to wait for the batch file to complete (after the pause is dismissed), before start completes, then you need to add the /w switch to the start command:

start "" /w foobar.cmd

You can put this all together on one line and even remove (delete) the temporary batch file (foobar.cmd):

echo netsh dump ^&^& pause ^&^& exit>foobar.cmd && start "" /w foobar.cmd && del foobar.cmd
echo netsh dump ^& pause ^& exit>foobar.cmd & start "" /w foobar.cmd & del foobar.cmd

Note that if you are going to delete the temporary batch file, you need to run start with the /w switch, otherwise, the temporary batch file will probably be deleted before it has a chance to run.

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