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Description of the problem

In platform 8.3.10, the logic for validating trusted certificates has been redesigned.

When working in Windows, an external resource on the Internet is accessed to verify the certificate. To successfully complete this operation, the user from which the rphost process is launched must be able to access this external resource, and the resource itself must be available.

In case of incorrect Internet access settings, after upgrading to 8.3.10 from earlier versions of the platform, errors may occur:

a) when accessing web services or obtaining a web service definition due to “Internet error: Remote host failed verification”

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

b) when trying to perform OpenID authorization of the type “Error connecting to the OpenID provider”, accompanied by the appearance in the process EXCP event log of the following type:

9db1fa37-b455-4f3f-b8dd-7de0ea7d6da3: Error accessing file ‘’: srcHTTPImpl.cpp(2598):

896db6ac-cc39-4065-8298-1bf5fccb9d98: Internet error: Remote host failed verification”

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Also, an OpenID authorization attempt may not occur, accompanied by the appearance in the technological log of EXCP events similar to those indicated earlier.

There is an old Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition SP2 & IE 6.0 with stable users working in terminal mode with 1C 7.x

It was necessary to retrofit with the figure eight, the platform with the configuration is installed, but the integrated Internet functionality does not work (1C: ITS Portal Monitor reports that it is not possible to connect to the service, it is not possible to check for program updates). The Internet is working, it has been checked, there is access from an alternative browser, including.

1C:Enterprise 8.3 (
Trade Administration Revision 11 (

As I understand it, this is due to the old system and in particular IE, ancient certificates and the impossibility of exchanging via https used by 1C.

There are the following reports in the registration log:

The tested addresses in the reports are formal, apparently, because their availability from modern systems also leaves much to be desired.

So anyway, is it possible to make the specified platform work with the configuration on this OS, updating IE to 8.0 will not help here? Who faced what practice of the decision?

Back to the discussion: Compatibility 1C:Enterprise 8.3 with Windows Server 2003 – 1C Portal Monitor does not work

Here are some of the main ways to use the ping command:

Ping a website or IP address using the command line in Windows.

In the Windows operating system, several options are available with the ping command. Some of them have basic usage while others have more advanced usage options.

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Open command prompt in administrator mode

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Command Line Ping Results

1.1. Ping errors

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Command line ping timed out 1.2. Ping Command Options

As already mentioned, the ping command has many options. Just type ping /? and press Enter on the command line. Now on the screen you can see the available options along with their usage.

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

CMD parameters for ping

For example, ping -t will continuously ping the site until you press “Control + C” to stop the command manually.

Using the Ping command in macOS

On a Mac, you can use the Terminal app to run the ping command. To ping, simply type ping and press Enter.

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Ping Command in macOS Terminal Application

Unlike Windows, the macOS ping command will continuously ping the host until you stop it manually. Press Control + C to stop the command and view packet statistics and round trip times. Use the info ping command to get the system user manual for the ping command with all its options.

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Get help with Ping command on Mac

Ping a website with an online tool

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Worm search to check communication

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Wormly Ping Test Results

As you can see, the ping results show the number of packets sent and received, the packet loss percentage, and the round trip time. We get a 0% lost packet, since in our case the ping was successful. If the ping fails, you’ll get a value other than 0 for it. After getting the result, you’ll get a URL from the tool to share the ping results with others. You can upgrade to the premium option to set up monitoring to constantly check website uptime and availability.

Ping multiple websites with the app

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Application Ping results for one domain

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Results of 2 hosts in the Ping app

One interesting feature of this application is that it does not use regular ICMP, instead it starts a TCP/IP connection and in turn communicates. This is used to measure the round-trip time and percentage of packets lost. You can add IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to get results.

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Closing words

Good afternoon, our dear readers. The topic of our today’s article is very specific, as it will not be useful to everyone. But for a general outlook, I still advise you to read it to the end. Today we will talk about reducing the delay in various games, in other words, about reducing the ping. For an ordinary user, such information can also be useful in some cases. So do not be lazy and read the article to the end.

For all our readers who like to spend their free time playing online games such as WoW, CS or World of Tanks, such a problem as high ping in the game is familiar. For those who do not understand what is at stake, it can be said more simply, no matter how low the ping is, you always want to make it even less. The fact is that the speed of connection to the online game server depends on the ping. The lower the ping, the smoother the game will run.

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

In scientific terms, ping is the time spent on transmitting a packet of information in computer networks from a client to a server and back from a server to a client.

By the way, there is some confusion of terminology here, because this time is not called ping, but lag or, in fact, delay (eng. Latency – lag; delay, delay, aka lag) and is measured in milliseconds. The lag is related to the speed of the connection and the congestion of the channels all the way from the client to the server. Ping is a little different. But I will not break now the idea of ​​terminology, let it be traditional – ping so ping.

After reading the article, you will learn how to make a number of registry changes that allow, but only in some cases, to reduce ping in many online games and applications that use the TCP protocol during their work, as well as a number of Internet applications and everything that associated with it. You can reduce the ping and not by changing the registry settings. All this you will learn in the course of reading the article.

But you must understand that all the methods listed below to reduce ping will not work for everyone and will not always work. This technique depends on many factors, such as Internet provider, channel bandwidth, type and variety of installed games and applications, operating system version, connection type, and many other factors.

In order not to scour the registry for a long time in search of the right place and file, so as not to spoil the operation of the system as a whole, smart people made a special script. It will allow you to carry out all the necessary changes automatically and without much effort. Even if you are satisfied with the level of your ping and think that it is the most optimal for you, I still recommend using this script, since it cannot harm the system, but it can lower the ping in any case. To be sure that the script is working, you can open it and see it. A knowledgeable user will not only understand exactly how the script works, but will also be able to improve it. Actually, there are quite a lot of such script optimizers. So there is a chance to find not just a script to reduce ping, but also its improved version.

But, as I already noted above, it is not a fact that even an improved script will work on your computer. Therefore, after this application, the ping may remain the same. But it’s definitely worth trying to change it. But if your channel has an average or high bandwidth, then most likely the script will work and the ping will decrease.

Script to reduce ping – how does it work?

The script is used to remove the delay time in Windows for processing packets. Standard settings send notification of packet acceptance only when the segment is fully processed, and not immediately after receiving. After applying the script, notifications about the receipt of the package will be sent immediately after it is received. The script also changes the standard package sizes and everything related to them. The list of all changes will be very large, so there is no point in writing it, and you don’t need extra information, you will only get confused in terms.

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All these changes in total lead to the fact that the delay in the response to the transfer and exchange of information between the computer and the server is practically reduced to zero. Ping is reduced, you are happy, toys are flying, you even forget to have lunch.

Local problems

Often the problem of high ping is in your computer.

Checking the network activity of programs

Let’s open the Task Manager and look at the application tab. First, we look at which application is currently active. For example, an antivirus can be a consumer of network traffic. It can consume network resources to update its databases. Usually, it is enough just to wait for the update of the antivirus databases to complete, and its network activity will no longer slow down your game.

The Network tab of the Resource Monitor (this tool is only available in the latest versions of Windows) will allow you to quite accurately determine who is using the network right now.

Don’t discount network drive clients. Notice their tray icons. If it is written that synchronization is in progress, then the reason is precisely in them.

Outgoing traffic affects ping the most. Those. the problem is not that the server cannot respond quickly, but that the client cannot send data to the server quickly enough. And outgoing traffic when sharing Wi-Fi can be consumed not only by programs running on your computer, but also by other devices (for example, something big is being downloaded on another computer).

Analyze the network activity of other devices

We usually use a shared internet connection for work and play. If someone from your family uploads photos to their VKontakte wall, then you definitely won’t be able to play.

If nothing worked

If you have excluded all programs on your computer and your home from the list of suspects, then check the ping to some reliable server manually. To do this, run the command line and write ping Get something like the one in the picture below.

If your computer cannot reach at high speed, then this is most likely a problem with the provider. If such “gags” occur often, then it might make sense to contact support or, at worst, change the provider?

Script to reduce ping

Scripts are supported by all Windows 7, Windows 8 and 10 operating systems, even XP. The bitness of the system also does not matter, 32 (x86) or 64 bits, the script can be installed on any OS.

First of all, you need to unzip the downloaded files, find the exe file and run it. Before installing, I recommend checking the ping (run CMD as administrator and enter the command there – ping -l 32 -n 50

) and create a restore point in case something goes wrong.

A window will appear in which we press “install”.

After the program is installed, be sure to restart the computer and look at the result.

It is possible that the program will not be installed, due to the lack of . NET framework. So, we also install without fail. NET Framework, you can find it in our collection of programs.

Perhaps you will not achieve the desired result in reducing ping, and you will want to remove this program. To do this, you need to run the exe file and click on “remove”.

It is possible that during installation you will immediately receive not the “install” button, but “remove”, but at the same time you have not installed any such programs. This indicates that your system is already set up for optimization. Therefore, you don’t have to install the program, and you need to try to change the high ping in other ways. But I would not advise doing this, since the proper optimization has already been done.

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Problem Diagnosis

In most cases, the problem can be caused by the lack of access to the required resource on the Internet by the user under which rphost is running.

Purposefully, only sites intended for certificate validation are not blocked by anyone, so most likely the user does not have access to any site (you can easily check by running the browser on behalf of this user – hold down Shift, right-click on the browser shortcut, ” Run as a different user”). However, the investigation must be carried out precisely on the example on which the error is reproduced.

Most common causes:

For a detailed diagnosis of the error, if the cause turned out to be non-trivial, it is recommended to set up the collection of additional Windows event logs, as described in the article.

Proxy server

1) Run Internet Explorer as the user under which rphost is running

2) In the Internet Options (Internet Options) menu on the Connections tab, click the Network Settings button

3) If the settings indicate the use of a proxy server, which is not provided for by the security policy (someone once set it and forgot it), disable the use of a proxy server by unchecking the corresponding flag

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

4) If the use of a proxy is really provided, you need to allow direct access to the resources that the platform is trying to access to validate the certificate by clicking the Advanced button and specifying this resource as an exception for the proxy server

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Hosts file

Access to some sites can be blocked through the hosts file. Lying here:

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

An example of how a blocked site looks in the hosts file:

Ping update api 1c ru new 1000

Update-api doesn’t work. ru?

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The most frequent problems of

What to do if the site UPDATE-API. RU unavailable?

If UPDATE-API.1C. RU works, but you can’t access the site or a particular page of it, try one of the possible solutions:

Browser cache.

To clear the cache and get an up-to-date version of the page, refresh the page in the browser using the Ctrl + F5 key combination.

Antivirus and firewall.
Check that anti-virus programs (McAfee, Kaspersky Antivirus or equivalent) or firewall installed on your computer do not block access to UPDATE-API.1C. RU.

DNS cache.

Clear the DNS cache on your computer and try accessing the site again.
Watch video instruction

VPN and alternative DNS services.

VPN: For example, we recommend NordVPN.

Alternative DNS: OpenDNS or Google Public DNS.

Microphone driver failure

Quick Microphone Test: Microphone Test.

API not working. organizer. ru?

Most common problems

What if the site API. About RGREGISTER. RU unavailable?

If API. ORGREGISTER.1C. RU is working, but you can’t access the site or a particular page of it, try one of the possible solutions:

Antivirus and firewall.
Check that the anti-virus programs (McAfee, Kaspersky Antivirus or similar) or the firewall installed on your computer do not block access to the API. ORGREGISTER.1C. RU.

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Everything is obvious about the antivirus and firewall – we check which resources are blocked, and we understand if the resource we need is in the list (similar in name to the link to the certificate provider’s website, if the exact name of the site is unknown).

We will describe in more detail about proxy and hosts settings.

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