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C# execute a command in cmd.exe with a button

I used to have a small tool i created in to enable/disable my Ethernet.

Right now i am trying to recreate it in C# but i cannot seem to figure out how to get the command to work.

The following gives a error, probably because i am clueless with C#.

private void btnDisabled_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    Process.Start("CMD", "netsh interface set interface "Ethernet" DISABLED");

Which is supposed to enter netsh interface set interface “Ethernet” DISABLED in command prompt.

I clearly have the entire code wrong, but i cant find out how it should be.

Anybody got any advice?


Causes of cmd button disappears?

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Entering a cmd command with button click

im kinda a vba nub, and i am trying to launch Firefox with a button click based on this video (which is for visual-studio-2008) using the following code

Private Sub Button1_Click() Handles Button1.Click
    SendKeys.Send("start firefox")
End Sub

however, all this does is launches cmd, it doesnt enter anything in it (when i type start firefox into cmd it works), what am i doing wrong?

note: i am using visual-studio-2021 (if it matters), and i have never used cmd before in a visual basic program.

Meaning of cmd button disappears?

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cmd button disappears

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Thanks again for the help

Any the second time, one of my command buttons disappears. When I do it again it’s back. It only does it every other time.

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Tkinter button command not working with lambda exec command

Assuming your database has the value self.terminate, you need to append () when calling exec (ie: you need to do exec("self.terminate()") rather than exec("self.terminate"))

My advice is to not try to wrap so much code into a single line. As you are finding out, it makes it very difficult to debug. You should create a proper function for your buttons.

For example:

for row in buttonValues:
    button = tk.Button(self, text=row[0], command=lambda cmd=row[1]: self.do_command)
    button.grid(column=0, row=self.iterationRow, padx=10, pady=10)
def do_command(self, command):
    cmd = command   "()"

This makes it far, far easier to understand and debug.

All of that being said, it seems like a highly questionable design to be storing the string representations of buttons in a database. I don’t see what value you’re getting out of doing that.

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