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A useful computer issue solving tool

In short, Anvisoft PC Plus is a handy program that offers you solutions to a series of common desktop and system troubles, enabling you to fix them on the fly and go about your work, in little to no time.

Anvisoft pc plus helps fix common issues with windows computer

PC Plus is a free tool that can let you fix some common errors and issues with your Windows PC. It can repair your Windows PC easily and effectively with a 1-Click solution. It even features an automatic downloader that automatically downloads essential files required for fixing a particular issue with the Windows. Some of the issues that can be fixed with PC Plus are, missing desktop icons, network issues, missing DLLs, frozen games and many more.

To start with, the tool is very simple to operate and you need not have any knowledge before using this tool. You just need to look for the issue you are facing and then hit ‘Fix’ button. All the possible issues are divided into five categories namely Desktop Icon, Network Issue, System, Software and Game.

Anvisoft PC Plus for Windows

Desktop Icon

Under this category, you can find all the issues related to missing icons, unavailable shortcuts, missing system tray icons and etc. There are around 10 issues placed under this category and all very important and common. To fix an issue, click on the green ‘Fix’ button corresponding to it and the program would start its work. You can even view further details or the screenshots of the issue by double pressing it.

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This category includes some common system issues, some of them are folder icons without thumbnails, Task Manager not opening, file extension not displayed, Disabled Registry Editor, Improperly placed or resized taskbar, Junk Files and etc. There are in total of 8 system issues that can be fixed using this tool.


This category basically includes some common issues of missing DLL files. Under this category, you can fix missing errors for MSVCRTD.dll, d3dx*.dll, *eay32.dll and VC13. Moreover, you can fix office errors too. There are 5 issues placed under this category.

Network Issue

Includes seven major issues with Internet Explorer and Network Connections, using this tool you can fix IE crashing, webpage display errors, webpage image loading errors, IE window title errors and many other.

PC Plus IEGame

There is only one issue under this category that can help you deal with the full-screen problems with the 3D graphics games.

The software is very useful and very easy to operate. It can help you out in fixing the common issues faced by you with your PC whether they are network issues or the desktop icons issue. The program performs its task very well and also displays an after-fix result. You can even view the extended details of the issue by double-clicking it.

Click here to download ANVISOFT PC Plus. Best to create a system restore point first before using any fixes.

You can also check our free FixWin tool that lets you fix Windows problems in a click.


Clean and straightforward gui

Appearance-wise, the application is quite intuitive and accessible, its main window grouping the main category of problems people encounter on the computer.

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As such, you can tackle ‘Desktop Icon’ issues, ‘System’, ‘Game’, ‘Software’ or ‘Network Issues’, in order to find a solution that suits your particular needs.

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